70% Rwanda / 30% Brazil

Brewlab Candy 500 g

Are you looking for coffee for a pour-over or for a V60? You've come to the right place!

Brewlab Candy is a sweet, intense and delicately fruity coffee. We usually source these beans from Central and South America. Our base is natural processing - although episodically - for better balance and variety of flavour, we may add some washed.

Undemanding, easy to brew and affordable - perfect for everyday use. All that's left is to grind, brew and enjoy the taste!

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Brewing method: Aeropress (invert)

  • Dose: 16g
  • Grind size: 19-23 clicks - Comandante
  • Water temperature: 90 C


2 pours every 30 seconds:

  • 0:00 - to 110 ml
  • 0:30 - to 220 ml
  • 1:00 - place the device on server and slowly press out
  • 1:30 - end

Important: Our recipe is just a suggestion, which is a good starting point, but we encourage you to do your tests and share the results with us!


70% Rwanda / 30% Brazil

Flavour profile

Sweet, intense and slightly fruity



Suggested brewing methods




clever or syphon

french press

filter coffee maker