We strive to ensure that it fully reflects the potential hidden in the green beans. At the same time, our guiding principle is that there is something for everyone in all this coffee diversity. That's why we continuously seek out and carefully choose a variety of coffees to cater to even the most discerning palates.

After over a decade in the industry, we have evolved from a two-person company importing Italian coffee to a craft coffee roastery.

We take care of the customer comprehensively. In addition to the top-quality coffees, we will help you choose the right equipment along with the way to finance it; we will train you in any area within coffee; and we service offered equipment 7 days a week.

We are guided by aesthetic simplicity and minimalism,

ensuring the presented content focuses on what matters most: taste, and making the search for a coffee that matches your personal preferences a pleasure amidst the thicket of never-ending information.


Recently, Axel, our roastery mascot, has stirred things up a bit,

as he has invaded the warehouse and taken over the design of one of the packages. Yet, the whole process (including the unruly and ‘over-caffeinated’ Axel) is overseen by a team of passionate people whose story has often started as a casual job in a café and turned into a unified quest sparked by everyday smiles.

During this journey, we ambitiously strive for unattainable perfection,

everyone in their field, following their skills, so together we can deliver a product that satisfies you in every sense. As living proof may serve our head roaster, Wojciech Rzytki, after many years of hard work, can boast of winning the title of vice-champion of the Polish Roasting Championships in 2023.