SENSORY training

When drinking coffee, you pay attention to all the nuances of taste, you like to look for the notes given on the label and deconstruct the brews? This course was created with gourmets like you in mind!

During the course you will learn how to sensorially analyse coffee for perceived flavours, aromas and textures. The knowledge gained during the training course will also work for other food products. 

What else will you learn?

  • what sensory analysis is and its importance when tasting coffee,
  • how to practise recognising the basic tastes,
  • how to expand your sensory memory and better differentiate between aromas,
  • how to use the SCA Coffee Flavour Wheel,
  • how to prepare for a comparative test and describe flavour differences,
  • what are the sensory categories and attributes useful in describing taste.

Contact our trainer before purchasing and find a training date that suits you. 

zł 500.00
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4 hours



The price is for

1 person