Pitalito, Hulia


Colombia Colibri Decaf 250 g

Removing caffeine from coffee with ethyl acetate from sugar cane, known as the “sugar cane” process, is a natural and innovative method that allows the unique taste of the beans to be preserved. Ethyl acetate, an organic compound naturally found in fruits and vegetables, can effectively bind to caffeine. This process is environmentally friendly and more sustainable because it uses sugarcane industry byproducts.

At first, green coffee beans are exposed to water vapour, which opens their pores and removes the parchment peel. The beans are then immersed in water with ethyl acetate, which allows for the gentle release of caffeine into the solution. At the end of this step, the grains are rinsed with water to remove the residues of ethyl acetate and then steamed again to ensure complete evaporation of any chemical residues. Finally, the grains are dried to their original moisture content, which restores them to readiness for roasting.

The “sugar cane” process not only eliminates caffeine but also preserves the integrity of the grains. This, in turn, translates into a unique, slightly sweet taste of Colibri with notes of hazelnuts, dates, and dessert monté. This method, unlike other decaffeination techniques, does not require the use of high pressure or temperature, which allows for the maintenance of the natural properties of coffee beans. As a result, decaffeinated Colibri’s is an excellent choice for coffee lovers who avoid caffeine, yet appreciate full flavour.

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Brewing method: Aeropress (invert)

  • Dose: 16g
  • Grind size: 19-23 clicks - Comandante
  • Water temperature: 90 C


2 pours every 30 seconds:

  • 0:00 - to 110 ml
  • 0:30 - to 220 ml
  • 1:00 - place the device on server and slowly press out
  • 1:30 - end

Important: Our recipe is just a suggestion, which is a good starting point, but we encourage you to do your tests and share the results with us!



Flavour profile

Hazelnut, monte, dates


Washed - Sugar Cane


Pitalito, Hulia





Suggested brewing methods




clever or syphon

french press

filter coffee maker